Melissa Strong – Former Student

Blessings is a wonderful program for teen mothers.  Blessings educates young mothers about pregnancy, parenting, and abstinence.  It is also a safe and comfortable environment to seek guidance.  I am thankful for Blessings.  I do not think my words can even express my gratitude.

I became pregnant at the age of 16 and gave birth to my son at the age of 16.  As a sophomore, I was able to continue high school, maintain a well above average GPA, play sports and work due to Blessings assisting with childcare expenses for my son.  I graduated on time, with my class my senior year.  I received a scholarship through the Kiwanis Club and attended the University of Akron where I received my Associates Degree in Paralegal Studies.  I then went on to earn my Bachelor’s Degree at Ursuline College with my major being Legal Studies.  Blessings contributed to all these accomplishments.

Not only does Blessings assist with parenting skills and faith but also with continuing education, which is key to young mothers.  Blessings showed me I was not only able, but also capable, of beating the statistics that are placed upon teen parents.  I am now 32 and have a successful career as a Paralegal.  My son is now 16 and he knows my story, and went through it all with me.  He appreciates me, and his teenage years that much more, knowing the obstacles we have overcome.

P.S.  Not only is my son smart, handsome, and athletic, he is a wonderful big brother to my daughter, who is now six.

- Melissa Strong, Former Student August 24, 2016