Financially, Blessing supports young parents by providing funds for childcare.

The average cost for one child during the school year is $7,200. This amount increases each year.

Blessings would like to be in the long-term position of supporting any young parent that has the need and fulfills the requirements.



Blessings appreciates your assistance for this local mission as an individual, business, church, or community organization.  For a list of local churches that support Blessings, click here.

For donations, make checks payable to :

Blessings of Summit & Portage Counties
5915 Rhodes Rd.
Kent, OH 44240


Supporters come from many sources such as:

  • Churches (women’s groups or local missions groups)
  • Community Groups that bring meals for monthly Life Skills meetings
  • Families that donate goods (furniture, equipment, diapers, toys)
  • Church groups that quilt, crochet, knit blankets for students


Alternative Donations

If you would like to donate items to the children or the mothers involved here are a few simple ways to get involved.

We have a coordinator that can provide up-to-date needs of the children and mothers to make your giving impactful. Please contact Emily Knapp at to inquire about a full list of what the current needs are.

A general list would be:

  • Gift cards–We conduct monthly meetings and supplies are needed to make them fun and educational. Example: Hobby Lobby, Target, Walmart
  • For the mothers or children–The gifts coordinator will provide a detailed list upon request.
  • Gifts for the mothers can be a nice treat as they reach their goals through the year. These goals could be spiritual, academic or personal.
  • Want to have an alternative “birthday party”?–We have had requests for this innovative party idea: Instead of having toys and gifts given at your child’s party, we would be happy to coordinate with you to provide a gift-list from which your guests can pick.  The gifts would then be provided to participants in Blessings, with your name on them.
  • Acme Community Cashback: By simply turning in your Acme receipts (dated from August 10, 2017 to December 30, 2017)  you can help Blessings of Summit & Portage Counties earn 5% cash with the Acme Community Cash Back Program.  Check with your local church to see it they have a collection box.  Otherwise, mail your receipts to:

    Blessings of Summit & Portage Counties
    5915 Rhodes Rd.
    Kent, OH 44240


Thank you for taking the time to research gift giving options.  We welcome any questions.

Volunteer With Blessings

Want to volunteer to help Blessings? Please look over the Volunteer Positions.  Once you have looked it over, you can complete either the included paper Volunteer Application or an electronic Volunteer Application.