Life Skills for 2017-2018

Year 23 has just begun….serving teen moms and their children in Summit and Portage Counties, Ohio. What a privilege to be able to provide childcare so teen moms can return to high school, graduate, and continue their education in careers that will help them provide for their family.

This year’s focus…Seamless by Angie Smith…Understanding the Bible as one complete story. Can’t wait…we are all in!


June–Akron Zoo

 Great fun at the Zoo on Sunday….Perfect day topped with Ice Cream!!! Thanks Kim Van Horn for taking pictures of our event…having you hang out with us was wonderful.



July–Down on the Farm

Life Skills Down on the Farm…way too much fun tonight! We played life size janga, did the chicken (while the kids played with the chickens), picked apples, checked out a red-winged blackbird nest, BBQ dinner, then finished the evening by “jammin”…strawberry and peach freezer jam!


August–CPR Certification

An amazing evening with Kim Davis, Certified Personal Trainer, AHA CPR Instructor (CCC Hudson). Thanks for allowing us to be trained by you.  Yea, we certified 6 folks tonight. And thank you Redemption Community Group (Laura Simmonds) for dinner, with dessert by Charlotte Carver. Child care was provided by Hannah Salter, Nick Spicer, and Makenna Abell.   Welcome Rebekah Carver, for being our intern sitter and for getting CPR training.  We topped the evening off by presenting back-to- school gifts for our teen moms and their kids provided by Beta Sigma Phi, Delta Omega. Thanks Rose Gallagher for your help!


October–Seamless (The Beginning)

Amazing October Life Skills. Genesis… from day one God has loved us, even when we hide from Him…like He doesn’t know exactly where we are!!!! What an awesome God You are!!! Thanks Shannon Sebring McKee, Ryan Schwartz, Joe and Lindsay Carter ( Redemption Chapel Community Group) for providing dinner and “entertainment”, Joe. We loved laughing with you. Andre was right there with you all the way. Also, thanks to Kenna, Hannah and Beka for caring for our little ones.



November–Seamless (The Patriarchs –Abraham to Joseph)

 Seamless from beginning to the end….Amazing dinner from Kent UCC (Jamie, Carol, and Nancy); Turkey’s by Susan Davis, former mentor; Service project for teen moms in our area; childcare for our kiddo’s with Hannah, Bekah, and Makenna; Week 2, The Patriarchs (Abraham to Joseph); and Steph sharing part of her life story….yep, seamless from beginning to end!!!