blessings_motherBlessings was created in 1995 when the GRADS (Graduation, Reality and Dual-Role Skills) Advisory Committee of the Six District Educational Compact realized that many teen parents drop out of school under the weight of parental, financial, educational, emotional and spiritual needs.

The Blessings focus is to offer teen parents:

  • Financial assistance for day care
  • Help with school to graduate
  • A mentor role-model; and
  • Religious support.

The intent is to help young parents function as a family and become capable and independent citizens. The nurturing, discipling and holistic approach Blessings uses is unique and effective.

Loving and mentoring Blessings students is an investment of great honor. It has been the greatest privilege to come alongside them and give them direction and hope for the future.

- Leslie Darden, Mentor August 2, 2016

I can’t imagine what my life would be like without Blessings. The mentorship program and monthly meetings were something I always looked forward to while in the program. I am thankful every day for the relationships that are still continuing with Blessings and the support they gave me through my high school years.

- Kaley Furner, Former Student August 25, 2016

"I'm currently a part of the Blessings Program. Before I joined, a family member was taking care of my daughter while I attended school. Every morning it was hard leaving her because she never wanted to go, and I never knew what she would be doing, or if she was safe. After joining Blessings, I Continue Reading

- Kylee, Current Student August 24, 2016